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Edward Hendershott - Diminished Value Appraisal Services

I am dedicated to delivering evidence-based, tailored appraisals designed to meet the needs and expectations of insurance companies. Drawing upon my extensive experience managing a nationwide diminished value claim department for a leading insurance firm, I bring a depth of knowledge and expertise that is unmatched in this specialized field. You can trust in my proven track record and commitment to ensuring that claims are both accurate and consistently recognized by insurers.

Why Choose My Claim Services?

  • Industry Expertise & Insight

Unlike appraisers who offer unrealistic evaluations, my appraisals are grounded in years of hands-on experience with paying and denying Diminished Value claims.

I know the Intricacies of insurance claims, and I avoid the common pitfalls that lead to denial or dismissals.

  • Personalized Appraisals

Each appraisal is written for your specific vehicle, ensuring that the insurance company can easily comprehend, evaluate, and pay the claim. No generic copy-pasting here; only authentic, tailored appraisals.

  • Fast Delivery

Your time is valuable, and I respect that. Your paid order will be promptly delivered within 24 hours, setting a new standard for efficiency and convenience.

  • My Expertise

With an extensive background managing a nationwide Diminished Value department, handling thousands of claims per year, I founded 24 Hour Claim Services on a simple principle: to provide reasonable, evidence-based appraisals that get claims paid. My commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of my work.

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Ready to take control of your diminished value or total loss claim? Let me put my experience to work for you.

Edward Hendershott - 24 Hour Claim Services

Edward Hendershott, LPCS, AIC is an esteemed professional with over 23 years of experience in property damage claims. He possesses extensive leadership experience, having headed claim departments at multiple insurance companies, specializing in Total Loss, Diminished Value, Salvage, Specialty Claims, and Litigation claim handling.

In 2017, Edward took the initiative to found 24 Hour Claim Services, a venture committed to aiding the public and attorneys in navigating their property damage claim needs. This endeavor further underscores his authoritativeness in the claims sector.

Beyond his professional achievements, Edward is an honorably discharged veteran of the United States Navy. His dedication and trustworthiness are evident not just in his service to the nation but also in his enduring connection to the community, residing in Oklahoma City.

Edward completed his academic pursuits at the University of Oklahoma, marking the foundation of his distinguished career.

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Edward Hendershott - 24 Hour Claim Services

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24 Hour Claim Services - Still Have Questions?

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24 Hour Claim Services - Still Have Questions?


What My clients say

Ed Hendershott and his company have been a game changer for our personal injury business. He is quick, efficient, and professional. His communication skills help clients understand and navigate the minefield of property damage claims. The feedback from our clients about Ed and his services has been overwhelmingly positive. Interestingly, the insurance companies have also expressed gratitude of being able to communicate with someone quickly and knowledgeable. Having Ed handle property damage claims and keeping clients informed and satisfied has definitely made my life less stressful and able to pursue other revenue generating interests.

Robert Ylla. Attorney

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